Dress Like Sarah Palin for Halloween

Calling Sarah Palin a "Neiman Marxist," the California Nurses Association has come up with the Dress Like Palin website. It mixes the fun of dressing Palin like a paper doll with the pain of thinking how the $150,000 spent on her wardrobe could have been put to better use. You can even write in what you would buy with that money. Click here to play now.

If you're looking for motivation to vote on Tuesday, check out Palin as President. There must be at least ten people in the country who haven't seen it yet. If you're one of them, here's a hint. The dinosaur only shows up at the beginning so make sure you raise the blinds. And click on the door four times; trust me, you'll be glad you did.

I hope that on Wednesday, these sites will be forgotten and shut down. Let's vote and wake up from this surreal nightmare. I can't take four years of "you betcha." Can you?

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  1. Now there's only 9 who haven't seen it...lol Too funny!

  2. Make that 8. Kath, you are the best. Thanks for sharing all this. I agree. I hope all these sites shut down Wednesday morning.

    For your amusement (perhaps you could work into a post...I'd like to, but I'm staying as apolitical as I can on my blog, just because...), check out this letter from Focus on the Family about what they believe will happen if Obama is elected. I found it through a group on Facebook of Christians against the asinine letter-- as well as I believe anyone, whatever their faith or lack of one, should be.

  3. @angiess--Thanks! I'm glad you got to check it out. It's really fun..as long as Palin being president never becomes a reality, that is.

    @unfinished--I saw a piece about Christians going to hell if they vote for Obama. I thought about posting it but I was too frustrated. Maybe I'll figure it out before Tuesday. Hopefully, reason will win the day.

  4. Well, then, according to some of them, I'm going to hell...and to top it all off, I'm Catholic (which of course, to some fundies qualifies for a direct ticket to hell). But as I mentioned in a recent post, I might already be on the Highway to Hell a la AC/DC. ;)

  5. @unfinished--It's a good thing AC/Dc built that highway. I think there's going to be a lot of traffic!


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