Funny Five Friday Part Two

It's time for another edition of Funny Five Friday. I started it before I knew of Five Star Friday. (Schmutzie is my hero for her work compiling great posts.) This is a little different in that I choose all the posts myself.

Go to Gorilla Sushi for its Backseat Caption Contest. Get your creative juices flowing and do your worst, or best, depending on how you look at it.

John J. Savo of the Authoring Auctioneer humbles me with his greatness. Tits Absurd and Oh, Brother Chair, Where art Thou? are two of my favorites.

Pwn Greenland (formerly Cult of Q) has election followup news with VH1 Greenlights 'Palin of Love', which is no longer available owing to his getting his site hijacked by some prick.

VE's Fantastical Nonsense gives us The Gateway, a grim reminder that drug use can lead to ride-pimping.

The Onion does it again with Nation Finally Shitty Enough to Make Social Progress.

Go to humorbloggers.com and humor-blogs.com to find more funniness. Happy reading and have a great weekend!


  1. Finally. At long last, our work is considered great enough to be linked alongside The Onion.

    Of course, we knew this all along although the recognition itself? Now that's what I call progress.

    Vodka and methadone are on me!

  2. qelqoth-- You honor me with your presence on my humble cyber-outpost.

    Do you actually read my stuff? I'll have to get better to deserve your attention.

    Methadone--breakfast of champions. Do you have the other kind of meth across the pond? If you do, do you call it hillbilly heroin?

  3. I actually visit most people on networks I frequent. I just very seldom comment. Well, it's in respect to hatred or adulation.

    Sure, it sounds anally retentive but I'm a busy guy. Busy, of course, meaning "fapping happily to 1970s midget porno".

    Anyhow - methadone is indeed the breakfast of champions and 9/10 expert rehab veterans choose Stoddard Solvent as a nutritional supplement.

  4. P.S. This weird conversation about methadone and stoddard solvent has inspired a new article. I should be finished with it in a few minutes.

  5. Kathcom, thank you for your praise. It is much appreciated, especially since you linked me next to Qelqoth and The Onion. But it's always nice to receive recognition from one's peers and colleagues.

  6. Great picks one and all. The Onion and CoQ kick some serious butt!

  7. Where's my link?? Dammit. You forgot again.

  8. @don: "CoQ" is an awesome nickname for him!

    @dana: I gave you the spacecat award, woman! What more do you want?

  9. Nice of Qelqoth to swoop in here and claim teh glory, even though it was me than wrote the fucking article you've linked to. I've accustomed myself to his bullshit by now, though. Thanks for reading.

  10. Sorry, Doctor Handsome! I didn't realize you had penned the great Palin piece.

    I guess it's the price you pay for belonging to a cult. He gets the glory and all you get is some bad-tasting Kool-Aid.


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