Quotes of the Day

Kurt Andersen, in New York magazine, on the economy:

Reaganism—the utter devotion to deregulation and hypercapitalism, the unbending antipathy to the federal government, American power as nothing but cheerful bullying—is over. We all enjoyed playing cowboy until too many of us fell off our horses or got shot.
Christopher Buckley, to John Heilemann in New York magazine, on McCain's VP selection:

I will readily confess that I was one of many who swooned the day after the announcement. But it’s kind of like dating a supermodel. There comes a moment, unfortunately, where they start talking.

And my personal favorite, Betty White to Craig Ferguson on Sarah Palin:

That is one crazy bitch!

There's nothing like a foul-mouthed old lady to make me forget my troubles. If McCain wins, I'm going to ask her to move in with me!


  1. I just love Betty White. Not only is she hysterical, she's a hard-core animal advocate.

    Rock on, Betty!

  2. Betty White is great. Her timing is so perfect, she can make even a lame joke sound hilarious.

    Along with Bea Arthur and Cloris Leachman, she's the best at shocking me with off-color humor.


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