Twitter Tuesday: Kanye Against the World

Here at Magick Sandwich, we enjoy Twitter but often wonder: what is it good for?
Like a Twinkie, it's engineered to be tasty but goes right to our mental thighs. But its injudicious use by a journalist has just proven Twitter's intrinsic social value in our eyes.

It was the tweet heard 'round the world: Terry Moran of ABC reported that President Obama called Kanye West a "jackass" for his behavior at the MTV Video Music Awards. He deleted it minutes later but as any Twitterer who's written something regrettable knows, he couldn't delete it from the public cache. For now, the original can still be seen here. Even if the Twitter gods remove it, it's been retweeted so many times that it will live on in cyberspace forever.

Whether it was meant to be off the record or not, Obama's assessment was the cold, hard bitch slap that West so richly deserved. Most of the time, events are blown out of proportion and don't deserve our attention. (See Sacha Baron Cohen's bare-assed stunt with Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards if you feel like wasting a minute of your life.)

There are rumors swirling that Kanye's bad behavior was staged, too. But I'd be surprised if anyone, even the idiots at MTV, thought this would be funny. The video clip has already been pulled from youTube but is still on view at MTV's site: Kanye West being a jackass to Taylor Swift at the VMA Awards. It will make your jaw drop and your heart ache for Taylor Swift, whose moment in the spotlight was marred by this moron.

I don't know what possessed me to want to chide the hip hop douchebag for simply being himself. It turns out there are a lot of Kanye Wests on Twitter. (My favorite is Gay Fish Kanye.) So I wrote to him on FaceBook instead. You can, too.

There's only one way to know for sure if I reached the real Kanye. He won't be able to keep his mouth shut.

P.S. Check out Kanye Ruins Patrick Swayze's Last Goodbye at celebjihad.com. (Link courtesy of thinkinfu)

Another stupid Kanye utterance captured by the Sandwich:
Still More Quotes of the Day


  1. I just couldn't bring myself to click on the links to Kanye or Sacha Cohen. I don't think they deserve my time, especially Kanye. It's bad enough that I watched the Serena Williams video the other day. I already feel dirty enough.

  2. Kanye is taking the art of being a spoiled, obnoxious, self-absorbed jerk to new lows.

  3. He'd better be careful. No matter how good he is at hip hopping, or whatever, he could lose a lot of sales...

  4. I love the South Park parody of Kanye. I just chalk what he did up to him being a gay fish!

  5. Have you seen this picture yet?

  6. @unfinished: You're right, of course. Serena makes me long for the days of John McEnroe. He was eloquent in his rage and not a potty mouth.

    @alapoet: He's such a jerk that I didn't consider for a second that it might have been staged. He really is that egotistical.

    @Brian:Good point. But I think his sales are dropping based on his new delusion that he can carry a tune.

    @thinkinfu: I didn't realize until I posted the Twitter link that it was a South Park reference. I'll have to look up that episode. The celebjihad photo is priceless! I have to link to it right now!

  7. First of all let me say that I will guarantee anyone that his actions were not staged or a part of some underlying, sinister plot to keep white chicks from receiving music awards. When I saw his reaction to Jay Leno's question asking how he thought his mom would have reacted to his lunacy...nope. Not staged, but totally real. He couldn't fake that answer which was dead silence.

  8. Kanye is a flash in the pan who wrote one good song--"Jesus Walks"--and will eventually be remembered by music fans as a one-hit wonder. I actually feel bad for Swift. She's just a kid, and that little stunt had to hurt a lot. I probably would've kicked him or something.

    But here's what really caught my attention in your post: You're not a country music fan? Because you look like a country music fan in that hat. Albeit a strange one in that shirt. I suppose you don't like NASCAR, either? :)

  9. @Don: I haven't seen him on Leno yet. I'll have to look that up. Good for Jay, putting him on the spot like that.

    @Mike: I should explain. That photo was taken on vacation in Tulsa. I was posing in front of the praying hands at Oral Roberts University, whicht should explain my ironic choice of t-shirt and devil horns. The cowboy hat was to help me blend in...and keep the sun off my pale NYC complexion . I guess it worked on both counts. ;)

  10. I don't know if it's her age or her appearance, but Taylor Swift reminds me of a baby animal, like a little newborn bunny waking up from a nap and rubbing it's eyes. Ergo, Kanye now reminds me of the hunter that killed Bambi's mom.

    So sad, but she took it all with a dose of class well beyond her years.

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  12. I am sooo desperately waiting for the reply to that FaceBook message... ;)

  13. I saw this and couldn't believe that anyone would do that! Who does he think he is?

  14. Did you seriously click SEND to that Facebook Kanye?

    Even I got in on the act retweeting the first parody tweet I saw using Patrick Swayze.

    And Beyonce gets kudos for giving Taylor back the microphone.

  15. This guy really is about as dumb as they come. How in the world this no talent tool can prosper as much as he has is just beyond me.

    Wil Harrison.com

  16. I hate to say it but he was mos def showing his ghetto.

  17. Are you kidding me? The @#$% you write on this page, YOU are actually condemning Kanye? People like you should be laughing until they choke on their own spit and die screaming.

    Can't have it both ways, spammy. Either you're a jerk, or not...

    What does "morally selective" mean?

  18. @We Took the Bait: She does look like an innocent woodland creature, doesn't she? I think I cringe for her most because I can see myself in her place, having her moment ruined. (not getting an mtv award, of course, but you know what I mean)

    @Susan/Margaret: Thanks for stopping by.

    @Debbie: So far, no answer. At this point, I think he's apologized to everyone but the Pope. So I'm way down the list.

    @Allie: I know. The guy's an idiot, in my opinion.

    @NGIP: Of course I clicked SEND. I got a tweet from someone claiming to be Charles Manson and I tweeted him back about being a failed musician with bad grammar.

    BTW,Eminem went to the show runners first and asked if he could bring her on stage but they told him no, Beyonce was going to do it.

    @Wil: There's no accounting for taste. Now he claims he's the new King of Pop. Even with Autotune, he's offkey.

    @ettarose: Mad props for your use of slang. I'm pretty sure that when white girls like us start saying it, black kids have long since moved on to new jargon.

  19. @Anonymous: Thank you for your insightful critique of my article, my site and my worth as a human being. You must be a genius to have gleaned all that from one blog post.

    One thing I'd like to object to is your pet name for me. I would be "spammy" if I put Kanye's name into something unrelated and sent it out to people in a vain attempt to trick people into visiting my site.

    Since I actually wrote a whole post about it and only my readers receive it via email or Google Reader, I am not "spammy." I have a small group of readers and I am not playing to the cheap seats. I write what I feel like writing about.

    I like to be creative and do not for a moment think that my little blog will damage Kanye's career. Perhaps, instead of your holier-than-thou, anonymous attempts at derision, you could simply exit my site and go back to whatever sites you enjoy reading.

    While you're looking up "morally selective" I would suggest you also look up "hypocrisy" and thank goodness your mother didn't practice "selective reduction."


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