National Milk Chocolate Day: A Strange but Tasty Holiday

It's National Milk Chocolate Day! Finally there's a crass commercial holiday that we can all love! (Except for vegans, who are still waiting for their petition for a National Gluten-Free Soy Pretend Food Substitute Day to go through Congress. Good luck, guys!)

But I digress. I almost missed out on National Donut Day and I won't make that mistake again. It doesn't matter that no one can seem to pinpoint when and how this holiday came to be. Many of my Google searches send me to the M&M site but I'm disturbed by animated candies that are supposed to be cute and also make me want to eat them. When I see a cow, I don't think, "Oh. look at those pretty eyes. Hand me that hacksaw!"

Again with the digressing. One might think I'm on a sugar high already. But I really want to share this company I discovered a few months back called Chocomize. I had a lot of fun inventing chocolate treats and then eating the results. Now here's a national holiday giving me the opportunity to broach the subject with you, my chocoholic friends.

The website provides excellent, high-end Belgian milk chocolate, along with white and dark chocolate and a plethora of ingredients. There are almost limitless combinations to choose from. Naming them afterward is half the fun. Then all you have to do is wait for delivery.

I chose ground coffee and bacon for my first creation, Breakfast of Champions. It tasted much better than it sounds. Everything really does go better with bacon. The thought of it disgusted my husband so I got to eat the whole thing.

My second, Hot Lips, had mini chili peppers, cayenne powder and black peppercorns. My husband hates spicy food. Once again, I had to eat it all myself. My chocolate-making motives may have been less than pure.

I made the third with white chocolate, candy corn, butter toasted peanuts, caramel popcorn and pretzels. I have to admit, I don't like candy corn. I just wanted it to look like a Movie Theater Floor. Great name, gross results.

Finally, there was Snack Attack, milk chocolate with caramel popcorn, caramel pieces, potato chips, pretzels and salt. This one got hubby's approval once he picked off the potato chips. He was right. Less was more. This one could be a keeper.

Chocomize.com has a list of its most popular combinations for those who don't want to experiment. I have a feeling my candy bars won't get on that list. But it was fun. If you've missed out on today's celebration, there are more chocolate-related festivities this year. Here's a sample:

          National Chocolate Day--October 28
          National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day--November 7
          National Chocolate Covered Anything Day--December 16

In fact, there are enough bizarre food holidays to keep us binging every day of the year. So get out there and eat some chocolate. Tomorrow is National Hamburger Day. The day after that is National Lasagna Day. I expect you all to do your civic duty and dine early and often. "It's not just patriotic, it's good eatin'!"[patent pending]

There's one thing I don't understand. August 1st is National Raspberry Cream Pie Day. August 14th is National Creamsicle Day. But August is also National Catfish Month. I like catfish as much as the next person, but how did they end up with a whole month when creamsicles only get one day? Oh, well. Mine is not to question why. At least on August 6th, I can wash that fish down on National Root Beer Float Day.

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  1. Please don`t put catfish in my raspberry cream pie. Yuck!.

  2. Thank. You. So. Freakin'. MUCH!!

    That website is going to become my new homepage!!

  3. I missed National Milk Chocolate Day? How did I miss that AND National Donut Day? My sweet tooth needs a calendar.

  4. You'd need a sledgehammer or a bolt gun before the hacksaw, anyway.

  5. That's funny. Every day is "chocolate day" here at my house! Currently working my way through a bag of dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds. MMmm...

  6. Dammit! I missed National Milk Chocolate Day. However, I am TOTALLY going to that website!

  7. Surely there's a National Bar-B-Q day, given the love that so many have for it.

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