Spam Superstar 2011

I tend to get a lot of spam comments on Magick Mini Movie Review: Bad Lieutenant. Apparently, "harvey keitel penis" is a popular Google search. Though the most interesting commenter this year was Call Girls in Mumbai--I clicked it and it does appear to be a website advertising Indian prostitutes--Anonymous' critique of Uggs (now stripped of its links to online sales of same) has the distinction of being the Best Spam I've Gotten This Year. Spam is a terrible thing, I know, but I hope you'll agree, this is a thing of beauty.

 Uggs plus the Individuals Who Don Them

The weather conditions is just not a element when it comes to fashion i've discovered. And these Uggs or what i like to call :"moon boots" appear to present up no matter temperature. I've seen them with the spring fashioned with skirts, or inside the winter tucked into sweat pants. They are truly feel are only worn due to the fad vogue.

They have got seemingly popped up just about everywhere, i do not just affiliate them with the trendy girls i see, strolling about malls. These are worn by preteens, and even a number of mom's who no one has the heart to say definitely shouldn't be sporting them. Unless i'm mistaken, and they take place to get quite possibly the most relaxed parts of foot apparel to the current market. Or have females all fallen underneath a consumer cult mentality.

For my part, and i want to pressure that its my impression, and never which they actually seem ridiculous. I wouldn't brain it if when worn, say with pants where the pants are pulled in excess of the Uggs boots that would be fine. But this is not the situation. Ladies go out of their method to tuck them into their pants concerning show off the boots. They have no style and design to them its simply just a substantial boot that may be reminiscent of rubber rain boots, whom no person would be caught lifeless donning.

Are we so vulnerable to Hollywood, publications and media that individuals will dress in everything? Where by does it stop? I might like to have females remark to me and explain to me uncomplicated they bought it because they enjoy the comfort and ease and heat that they obtain, and that its an excellent wanting boot/shoe/hybrid piece of vogue.

For my part within the close to distant long run, all people that personal them will likely be ashamed which they ever wore them. Precisely the same way many of us experience era to era with vogue fads. Many of us share similar "oh jeez" response a person might have when seeing or referring to "bell bottoms." The topic is always an awesome conversation with mothers and fathers or persons from distinctive decades to discuss their vogue goof ups.

I desired to carry consideration to this fashion wonder or in my eyes blunder, as i am in disgust once i see a pair of Uggs strolling my way. I jump for the conclusion which the lady who has them can be a Esq persona. 1 who's spoiled, contains a pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, normally has her hair died, and trimmed and certainly not walks out of the house without a miniature model of what utilized to be a pet dog. The type who would never be caught dead exterior the home without, a manicure, or am i erroneous?


Help! I've fallen underneath a consumer cult mentality and I can't get up. I know I shouldn't brain it or go out of my method, but my hair died and my eyes blunder. I want to pressure it is my opinion, all people that personal them should not be caught lifeless donning them...or am i erroneous?


  1. I hope it's clear that I did not write the spam message between the asterisks. I could not be that imaginative with the English language.

  2. Damn it! That's not spam, it's a grammatically retarded blog post.

    Thank God for comment filters.

  3. J.Bear: Exactly! That's why I was bummed that some friends and family thought I wrote it.

  4. Oh snap, I knew there was NO WAY you could have written that! Ahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha

  5. Ah, Spam, much like Mock Chicken, I believe. lol

    How've you been? I'm back from hiatus and wanted to stop by to wish you Happy New Year.



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