Clarity Costs Extra

I've been trying to figure out how, despite unlimited this and family plan that, my cell phone
bill is so high. Did I sign up to fund a bridge to nowhere project in my sleep? How did my cell phone turn into a handheld perpetual debt machine? Naturally, I suspected sorcery but logged onto att.com just in case there might be an earthly cause. Then I saw this.

Lord knows, I'm in favor of limiting parental controls. (Who do they think they are?) But what about that second thing, "Detailed Billing"? Could it be that the invoice I receive each month does not represent AT&T's best effort to convey the value of its services? Perhaps, but I required further information. Luckily, getting to the detail within the detail cost only a click.

As paying customers, we're entitled to thorough, comprehensible billing and communications, aren't we? It seems nothing is implicit in a world where basic clarity is commoditized. AT&T has the wherewithal to generate a better, easily understood bill for every customer. Instead it sends out a statement it knows to be inferior by its own standard. Why? All we've done is pay every penny of our bills. Don't we deserve better? Not if companies can get us to pay for the privilege.

I still don't know why my cellphone bill is so high. I don't think "Detailed Billing" would have helped me figure it out, anyway. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find out why my nav system only speaks Urdu.


  1. detailed billing can reduce our cos. I think we all need to apply the idea. your experience is somewhat measuring ours.

  2. detailed billing idea is good to apply. I am re- thinking about it reading your experience.


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